Frequent Asked Questions

I can get a domain name for 0.99 pence

Yes you can for the first year, then check the price for the second year and every year after that.

So where do I check to see if I can have my_name.r-us.co.uk

Send an email using the application form and we can check that its available.
Application form is at https://r-us.co.uk/site-application/

All domain names taken are listed at https://r-us.co.uk/domain-names/
So if its not listed, the it will be available to you.

I don’t have a web site

You really need a web site to use this service as we point your new domain name to that site. It doesn’t mater what the web site URL is as you can always use the YourSiteName.r-us.co.uk for your business web site name and email address.

I have a web site, but no email for the site, I use a yahoo email address.

No problem, we can divert any emails from anything@YourSiteName.r-us.co.uk to your yahoo, gmail or any email address you want.

I don’t have a web site but I do have an email address

OK, well we can still point YourSiteName.r-us.co.uk to your email address and if you do get a web site at a later date we can forward YourSiteName.r-us.co.uk to your new web site.

How much does this cost ?

The cost is £5 per year and we bill you 30 days before the renewal, the price doesn’t change after the first year, its £5 every year for the use of the domain name.

What happens if I no longer want my domain name ?

Send us an email or use the contact form and we will cancel the domain name and email forwarding with no extra charges.

I want to change where my site goes too and email address.

Send us an email or use the contact form and we can change this for you, no extra charge.

I am not in the UK but require a UK domain name

That’s fine, just register YourSiteName.r-us.co.uk and we will setup the forwarding for you if YourSiteName is available.

Can I pay using PayPal ?

Yes, we accept PayPal and any type of credit / debit card, just navigate to the online shop.

Do you have web mail for the r-us.co.uk email account ?

Yes we do, its at https://r-us.co.uk/webmail/ you enter in your email account which will be YourName@YourWebSiteName.-r-us.co.uk and password given when hiring your web URL.

So how do you do this web and email transfer ?

We firstly make your domain name on our server, for example yahoo.r-us.co.uk

We then add SSL support so HTTPS://yahoo.r-us.co.uk can be used as well as http://yahoo.r-us.co.uk

We also give you a FTP for yahoo.r-us.co.uk with a password. This is sent to your email address given when hiring the domain name.

An email account is setup with a generated password and is emailed to your email address given when hiring the domain name. We setup an email forward address (given on signup) and we don’t store forwarded email.

If you wish you can use our email client without forwarding, we will just delete the Forward email address and you will sign into the online dashboard or download to outlook or any mail client you have.

Information is sent to your email address given when hiring the domain name.

At this stage you can upload your own web site if required at no extra cost and have your own email address.